FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How much does the jewelry cost?

A: Everything is $5 except for kid's jewelry (Starlet Shimmer) which is only $1 per item in each set!

Q: What sizes do the rings come in?

A: They fit sizes 6-10 because of the stretchy band in the back.

Q: Does this item come in a different color?

A: Look in the description! If it's available in a different color, the other colors will be linked in the description. If not, then it's only available in the color you've clicked on.

Q: Can I wear my jewelry to the beach?

A: You can! Just remember to take it off before you go into the water. Paparazzi Jewelry (all costume jewelry) is not waterproof.

Q: If something is sold out, will it come back?

A: Once an item is sold out, it's normally sold out forever, so be quick in your choices!

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Here's a table listing all of my shipping rates :)


Q: When do your lives happen?

A: On Facebook (Diamond Dazzle by Debbie), my lives happen at these times:

Q: Can adults also wear Starlet Shimmer jewelry?

A: Of course! There are no limits when it comes to jewelry! Though you may want to wear the rings on your toes unless you have tiny fingers 😉